Real Location and Character Photographs (All locations are real)

The Mist On The Mountain Scenes

The mutilated bodies of the first three boys to be murdered were found hanging here in the trees.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier OREO who found the body of teenager Betson Morris-Evans in the lake at Blaengarw.

The final showdown - the GARW VALLEY. The Mist on the Mountain. But did the real killer die?

The mist on the mountain will always be there ... haunting

The entrance to the Blaengarw Forest, cordoned off after the murders of the two females.

OTTO and BETTY - the two Newfoundland's whose owner is killed on the mountain.

The bench near the old mine entrance. The scene of Rhian Bevan's murder.

SULA, LAYLA and RAFFI, the brave Rhodesian Ridgebacks who defended their owner.

Murder number six. The body was found face down in the water near the mine entrance in Blaengarw Forest.

The Killing Moon Scenes

The ancient 21 Castle Street steps on Plymouth Barbican where the suspect escaped the clutches of DS Ayres and DC Johnson

Plymouth Barbican where serial killer Adrian Ashley-Thornhill owns two restaurants.

Adrian Ashley-Thornhill has to find a new sacrificial alter for his kill after the Police raid his home. This one is in Stoke Damerell Graveyard, Millbridge.

Madeira Road on Plymouth Hoe. The scene where the serial killer carried Toby Bryant's body back to his car in open view

Under The Blood Red Sky Scenes

Criminal Neil Marsh's wife Lydia drowns when her car is forced off the road and overturns into the River Plym.

Scenes of the murder of Author Byron Maddocks. Set at Burrator Reservoir in Devon.

Sins Of The Father Scenes

The 'Tunnel of Love' in Stonehouse, Plymouth. Scene of the murder of prostitute 'CASSIE'. 

Steven Jefferies has to dispose of a witness and her child at Devil's Point (Top right).

On the left is the drop that the bodies plunge.

The Police find both mother and baby crashing against the stone walls at Royal William Yard (Bottom right).

Scenes of the first murder in the book of teenager Rob Jenkins. Set at the old Stoke Damerell graveyard in Millbridge, Plymouth.

A Dish Best Served Cold Scenes

The 'Pink Path' where Stephen's friend Martin was attacked and received serious injuries imposed by Nigel Dodd's henchmen.

Sutton High School for Boys where Stephen Bishop was bullied, ridiculed and sexually assaulted resulting in him burning the building to the ground with many deaths occuring.

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