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Stephen Knight

'Absence of proof is in no way proof of absence.'

- Stephen Knight, Under the Blood Red Sky (2021)

'Being alone is a power. Very few people can handle it.'

- Stephen Knight, Stalker (2023)

'Don't waste your night thinking about the people who don't even care whether you wake up tomorrow or not.'

- Stephen Knight, Stalker (2023)

'One of the hardest pills I have ever had to swallow in life was realising that I meant nothing to the people who meant a lot to me.'

- Stephen Knight, Stalker (2023)

'Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.'

- Stephen Knight, The Devil's Beauty (2022)

'Beautiful things are evil. But that's because they've stolen the beauty from the good.'

- Stephen Knight, The Devil's Beauty (2022)

'Life is a bit like driving. You come up to the end of the road and you have to decide to turn either left or right. Turn the wrong way, and you end up on a road that you don’t really want to go down. Only you can decide when you turn back and go the correct way.'

- Stephen Knight, A Dish Best Served Cold (2020)

'The full moon makes us what we are. Most of us remain looking at the brilliance of the light whilst the few turn to the dark side and do not return.'

- Stephen Knight, The Killing Moon (2021)

Be afraid ... The story so far

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