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Comments on all books

Our book club has read all three of your novels to date. What goes through your mind? Scared the pants off me! 

- David Worthington (Sydney, Australia)

Your name always seems to come up when we try and decide which author to read next.

I wonder if you are as scary in person.

- Rachel Baker (Sydney, Australia)

Great that you are putting Plymouth on the map mate. I've read all your books because they are something new that puts Plymouth in the limelight literally.

Bloody good stories I must say.

- Andrew Davis (Plymouth)

Comments on 'The Killing Moon'

Is Plymouth that bad? Are there people like that in real life roaming the streets of the City? The book is frightening and not something to read at night when you are alone. 

- Michael Stone (London, UK.)

If this was a film I would be hiding behind the sofa. Your fourth book is the best to date.

- Felicity Blanchard-Jones (Milton Keynes)

Comments on 'A Dish Best Served Cold'

This is a brilliant read! It's a great storyline. Can't wait for the next one.

- June Hornett (Exmouth)

I have not read such an enthralling and emotional book like this for a very long time and can thoroughly recommend it!

- Stefanie Welter (Germany)

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Now Available