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1st November 2023

The next novel is entitled 'THE MIST ON THE MOUNTAIN' and will be the first novel not to be based in Stephen's home town, but in the Garw Valley in South Wales. Due January 2024.

STALKER is now available from the BUY tab and at Amazon. It is Stephen's eighth novel and the seventh in the 'Detective's Casebook' series.

The latest novel 'PARANOID' is now available from the 'BUY' tab. For once the killer is a Femme Fatale. The Police know that she is guilty but they to prove it .....

'THE DEVIL'S BEAUTY' has been published and is now available from the 'Buy' tab. Just to let you know that it is very graphic. You may find yourself hiding behind the sofa whilst reading it or looking under your bed.

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'Rules of the Game' is now available to purchase. Check out the BUY tab for the link. Available in eBook, Paperback and Hardcover. It is a shocker. Very bloodthirsty and not for the feint-hearted!

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